We make benefit enrollment easy...

From setup and enrollment to reporting and administration, BenXpress makes managing your enrollment a breeze with features like

  •   Friendly Employee Self-Service Enrollment
  •   Flexible Reporting Tools
  •   Custom Branding

What We Do...

We provide benefit enrollment solutions that make your benefit administration and enrollment easier than ever! With a combined experience of over 50 years in benefit enrollment solutions, our team has the knowledge and experience to get you up and running quickly, and smoothly. Contact us today, and learn more about what we can do to make your next open enrollment better!

Private Exchanges

The proprietary BenXpress platform can flexibly support your private exchange needs including "Defined Contribution" plan designs. Both internal and 3rd party decision support tools are supported.

ACA Compliance

BenXpress supports W-2, IRS 6055 and 6056, and Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) fee reporting.

Easy Employee Enrollment

Whether your employees want to enroll with a mouse and keyboard, or smart phone and tablet, our simple self-service enrollment guides your employees through their options, step-by-step. They'll even see your company logos, and your custom messaging!

Easy Employer Administration

BenXpress places all of your employee benefit information at your fingertips with intuitive access to employee information. Our flexible reporting capabilities make it easy to share data from BenXpress.

Carrier and TPA Connections

Our flexible reporting capabilities allow us to connect with ANY carrier or TPA. In fact, we are probably already connected with your carrier or TPA with over hundreds of connections already in place.

And so much more!

BenXpress covers all aspects of benefit plan implementation and administration. Whether you are a broker or TPA managing many employers, or an HR manager responsible for a handful of employees, BenXpress is ready to make your job easier, and more efficient.

  •   Benefit plan implementation and administration
  •   Dependent and beneficiary tracking
  •   Payroll, carrier, and premium reporting
  •   ...and much more! (Contact us today!)